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Computer game The Sims 4 is another (fourth) follow-up of famous game series The Sims. The key factor of this game series is absolute freedom and autonomy during playing. There are no limits or restriction as you are playing totally open game which is progressing exactly based on your actions and ideas you put into it.

Principle of the game The Sims 4 is simple. You will create your Sims and live their lives together with them. You can move to a picturesque rural landscape next to a forest or choose living in a bustle of a city and enjoy eventful night life, parties and merry-making. You can do whatever you want!

The game is fun from the begging when you start creating your characters, avatars with whom you will experience their joys and sorrows. You can amend both their physical and mental sides. Would you like attractive playboy who is unrejectable by all women? Or a beautiful fashion model who will become heartbreaker of men's hearts? Or contrarily settled IT guy who will value most his spot in corner with his computer? Or what about athlete who will feel that move and sports is his meaning of life? You can have everything you can imagine!

Previously released The Sims 3 game pictures

Picture of a picturesque Sim town. Picture of forgotten village with a nearby ocean. Picture showing options - will you choose to be a party boy or a sober dude?
Picture of bad boy who took small child's lolly. Picture of a Sim lady at it's best. Picture of a music star on a beach playing hard.

Additional information

System Requierements (Hardware Needed to Run the Game)

Demoversion of The Sims 4?

As far as we know no demo will be released so it's needles to search for The Sims 4 demo download.

The Sims 4 comics

As known from previous episodes of The Sims there will be again the possibility to save pictures from game and create comics. While they are very popular amongst The Sims community, it's still not know whether the game will include utilities for easy making of comics.

The Sims 4 torrent download?

Downloading the game The Sims 4 using Torrent is highly unrecommended. Not only it's illegal (call it whatever you like, but it is a theft), also there might be also troubles running the game. Illegally downloaded game might be unstable so you would not enjoy playing it at all. Also most likely you would download not only the game to you computer but also some other software you really do not wish to have on your hard drive.

Expansions, extensions

Even the fourth part of this eternal game series will have expansions and extensions. Why is everything not included in first version of the game? Are the authors publishing uncomplete game that they fix later?

The reason for releasing expansions and extensions late is that The Sims 4 is alone very complex game with huge amount of possibilities which are developed during several years. If the game should be released with all the content it would take much longer so it would be already outdated when published. Also thanks to releasing in parts developers can use valuable feedback and make clever changes to the game mechanics to make the game even better. Not to be forgotten that releasing everything together would cause confusion as players would get too complex and big game and the playing would be really insane then.

Detailed information

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No expansions were announced yet but we can be almost sure there will be some later.